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All you need to know about laundry. Tips, handwash and more…

Laundry Tips - All you need to know about laundry. Tips, handwash and more…

Delicates Laundry

Things to know about delicates laundry

An introduction to delicates laundry

We have several laundry products used with everyday purposes but some of these require special care and cleaning techniques. These materials are called “delicates laundry” and people consider that such materials can be washed only by hands. However, this is not necessarily true because there`s an existing alternative for washing delicates, just by using your washing machine. Two main materials included in the category of delicates are satin and silk. Both are considered to be very sensitive materials. Therefore, you need to be very well informed about tips on how to wash satin, so you won`t damage the material. The same situation is available for silk as well. Read this article further to find out the process to wash silk.

We all know that the delicates laundry involves special washing techniques, but this doesn`t mean that we need to start worrying and thinking if these materials might get ruined. However, precaution is always needed, so you can avoid the risk of ruining your delicates. There are some materials included in the category of delicates, but notice that some delicates shouldn`t be washed together. On the contrary, these should be washed separately. Some materials included in the category of delicates laundry are: lace, sequins, ribbons, thin knits, cashmere, silk and bras. The most difficult from these materials is to wash satin and to wash silk.

How to wash satin?

It`s not difficult to wash satin at all. You have two options: to wash by hands and the more comfortable option, to wash this material by the washing machine, but with its delicate cycle. You need to use cold water for washing this material efficiently. You also need to be careful with the detergent you use; this should be a gentle product. If you choose to wash satin by hands, you should leave the material to stay in the detergent from 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse the material with cold water, until the detergent is completely removed from the surface. Never place the satin on a dryer. The best idea is to place the material on a towel and to leave it just like that, until it gets completely dried. If you want to wash satin with the washing machine, choose its delicate cycle and avoid washing the material in hot water.

How to wash silk?

As we observed, delicates laundry doesn`t involve too sophisticated techniques. These are only the basic washing tips to consider, so you don`t damage your delicate materials. We saw that washing satin is not a complicated process. Now let`s see how to wash silk. The same situation is available here: there`s nothing to worry about! In order to wash silk, you need to use very cold water and very gentle detergent. If you wash this material by hand, you are not allowed to wring it and twist it. If you choose to wash it in the washing machine, use it delicate cycle. Avoid placing silk under the sun for drying. As we can see, it`s definitely not hard to wash silk.

Delicates laundry is not something you should be afraid of. Delicates will still get damaged in time, even if you maximally care for them. If you learn how to wash satin and to wash silk, there are no reasons for worry.

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